Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Clean Thoughts On A Dirty Wall

Old TV For Free

Tonight we watched an episode of St. Elsewhere, which was a TV series that was on in the 80s. I love the theme music and I really enjoyed the series. We watched it on Hulu.com (not HuluPlus).

We cut the cord about 3-4 years ago and haven't had cable, satellite, or a digitally capable TV since then. We don't watch much of anything, but on the occasions we want to, we have a bunch of tapes and DVDs (e.g., collection of Hitchock films) and we've recently been accessing stuff on the 'Net.

Among the things that are available for no dough (my favorite price) are that series, Lou Grant, Perry Mason, lots of stuff from pbs.org, including a whole bunch of American Masters episodes and Nova. With all of the stuff in those collections and all the stuff available free, unless you watch TV every night, it's hard to imagine the need to be hooked into cable and/or satellite anymore.

Or maybe I'm just a cheapskate.

Rice vs. Meat - Cost

I recently had a conversation about health and weight loss (the subject of the book I'm writing) with a woman I didn't really know. She said she couldn't afford to eat healthy food, which is much more expensive than unhealthy food.

I explained that's not true. As an example I pointed out that a pound of hamburger which costs around $2-3.00 shrinks when you cook it, so you pay even more per cooked pound and it gives a limited feeling of fullness. Rice on the other hand, costs about 80 cents a pound, and due to the water you cook it in, it expands when  you cook it, giving a greater feeling of fullness (though I don't suggest eating plain rice by itself). "I'm not going to argue with you," she said. "I know I'm right."

Tough to argue with logic like that.


This Wednesday, our show at GoingBeyondRadio.com won't be on. It's our one "dark" week per month. But we'll be on, the following Wednesday with the famous Alicia Bushman. That's 4/23, at 9PM Eastern. If you'd like to hear past shows, including last week's which was our interview with a naturopathic doctor, go to http://www.GoingBeyondRadio.com/JeffBushman.


This week's question: In what African country is the President the son of the that country's first president? The answer in a moment. But first, if you'd like to help support this page and our radio program, the next time you want to go to Amazon to search for something, go through the banner that appears at the top of this page. If you buy something, they'll pay us a little, and it won't cost you any extra. If you don't buy something, no harm-no foul.

The answer: Kenya. Uhuru Kenyata is the son of the country's first president, Jomo Kenyatta.

Hasta Tarde

We'll leave you now, and we'll see you on the radio.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I'm Back Again


We're scheduled for a return of our show after 2 weeks off on http://GoingBeyondRadio.com but the site was down through today. If you can't get the show 4/2/14 at 9PM Eastern, listen to some of our older shows at http://JeffBushman.posthaven.com, anytime.

Also, we're on Stitcher. If you have Stitcher on your smart phone, just search under Bushman, and you can hear our program.

Tomorrow night, if the network's back up, we're supposed to talk to Dr. Jake Psenka about sublingual allergy treatment, so try to tune in.

By the way, if you've never tuned in, our show usually has an interview in the second half hour, before which we spend the first part of the show with a (hopefully) humorous reading of headlines in the news, then a somewhat serious explanation of those items. We follow that up with celebrity birthdays and This Week in History. We sometimes ask and answer trivia questions, as well.


We're working on a book about health and weight loss. It should be ready in a few months and available at Amazon as an e-book. As are our others.

Issue: Alabama's Wrongful Imprisonment Financial Cap

Recently, Glen Ford (not the actor) was released from prison in Alabama after spending 18 years on Death Row. It turns out the state acknowledges he's not guilty.

That's great, though I'm sure Mr. Ford wishes it had happened about 17 years earlier, at least. He can now sue the state for reimbursement for his lost years, but the state has a law limiting such recoveries to $25,000. That's just a bit over a grand a year for a crime he didn't commit. Clearly it was the state's fault that he served that time.

What kind of state or what kind of people would allow the passing of a law that says we don't care if we were negligent. We don't care if we stole 18 years out of your life. We'll give you about a grand a year if you catch us in that mistake before we kill you?


Trivia Question

We asked and answered this question on a recent episode of our radio program. Who was the first U.S. president to take office on the death of the previous president? No cheating. We'll give the answer in a minute.


We recently read (or re-read?) The Gatehouse by Nelson DeMille. It was a sequel to The Gold Coast. Without giving anything away, it's partly the story of the protagonist trying to re-unite with his ex-wife, from whom he was divorced after she killed her extramarital lover, who was the protagonist's legal client and a member of the Mafia.

In spite of that stupid sounding plot outline, it's a really good book. Many thanks to my friend Rick Penn for first turning me on to Nelson DeMille. I hope I've done the same for you.

Trivia Answer

It was John Tyler. He was the VP to William Henry Harrison, who got sick on inauguration day and lingered for a month before making like a frog (croaking). Harrison, because of a battle he'd won in the Indian Wars, was known as Tippecanoe (the name of the battle), so the campaign slogan had been Tippecanoe and Tyler too. Not much worse than I Like Ike or Nixon's The One, or All The Way With LBJ.


That's it for this entry. We'll try to post more regularly and in the meantime, we'll see you on the radio.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Quick Program Note

Our Quick Program Note

There isn't one tonight. We were scheduled for our program to go on tonight (see previous post), and for some reason, I couldn't raise our producer. I assume there's a problem either caused by a storm or our server, or some combo, but I haven't heard anything yet.

The program was scheduled to be dark next Wednesday and on Christmas night, so we'll be off 3 weeks and return January 1, 2014, assuming all goes well. As they say, Watch This Space.

I'll see you on the radio.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Inter-Holiday Edition

This edition of the blog is being written between Thanksgiving (and Hanukkah) on the one hand, and Christmas and Kwanzaa on the other. We'll talk about the latter, in a bit but a few other matters, first.


Our show will arrive on Wednesday, barring tech glitches or my death (though I suppose the latter could be described as one of the former). We start at 9PM Eastern, and about half-way through our guest will appear. This week, it's Steve Lyttleton, described in an earlier post. He's a friend and former co-worker of mine (we are both former bill collectors - eek!).

Steve and I will discuss politics and disagreements we have, as part of my effort to prove that you can disagree with someone in a civil manner - unless you're in Congress. It should be interesting if only for that reason. Among the things we may be discussing is guns, abortion, and Obamacare's misnomers.

As a side note, if you're reading this after December 11, you can hear the podcast of this and all of our earlier episodes. If you're listening live, tune in to http://GoingBeyondRadio.com and if you're seeking the podcasts (playable on your computer, smartphone, etc.), you just need to add the slash and my name: /JeffBushman

Some of our earlier interviews are really interesting, thanks to the guests.

On January 1, while you're recovering from the night before, join us in the evening at that same Bat Time, to hear me talk about the importance of starting your own business, whether you're in a great job or you're unemployed, or in a crummy job. You can start a lot of businesses for little or no money, and you can start earning money from them while you're still working for someone else. And your own business will give you a fall-back position in the event that something happens to your existing fabulous job (or maybe your not-so-fabulous job). I won't be trying to sell you anything but the idea. In fact I don't have anything I could sell you, except for my books and on that subject, please see below. But with regard to the program, none of my books deal with starting your own biz, so tune in for info without the "mercial."

We'll be dark (in case anyone isn't familiar with that expression, that means we won't be doing a live show) on two successive Wednesdays. That would be December 18 and December 25. I can't imagine anyone wanting to hear our kind of show on Christmas night, even if you're burned out by the holiday by that time, and the 18th is our usual "dark" third Wednesday.

Reaching Us

There are a few ways to make contact with us about this blog, the radio show, my books, etc. First, you can e-mail me at tjbRadio@gmail.com

You can also call and leave a message at 206-339-5905. Whether e-mailing, or leaving a voice mail message, tell me anything you wish to. If you want to appear on the radio show and would be available when we do the show, please leave me a phone number. If you leave the voice mail and would like an e-mail response, leave an e-mail address please.

A Few Words on Obamacare

First, as Steve Lyttleton (see above) reminded me yesterday, the Affordable Care Act is not a healthcare law; it's a healthcare financing law.

That said, what I think Republicans are really afraid of is the kind of reaction there was to Social Security and that of some people in states where the system is working. The system is working really well where there are state exchanges, such as Kentucky and California. The national exchange hasn't been as smooth, obviously.

The reaction to Social Security and other New Deal initiatives, however, was a generation of Democratic dominance in the White House and in Congress. In Kentucky, recently, a man walked into an office of the state where they were doing Obamacare registration. He said he has a wife and 5 kids and needed health insurance. He asked if they could help him. They took his info and told him that he could get coverage for himself and his family, and due to his low income and the fact that his wife doesn't work outside the home, he would receive the coverage free. He said that he guessed that from now on he was going to be a Democrat.

We can agree that his thought process might have been a little simplistic, but THAT is what the GOP is really afraid of, i.e., that people will get health insurance, will like it, and will credit the president and his party.

I also wanted to add that we've been in the process of signing up for our family, through the so-called "federal" exchange, because our governor is a Neanderthal. It's been cumbersome, but it looks like they're on the verge of getting it right and I think we'll be signed up by next week.


It's the holiday season. If you're inclined to order gifts for friends, relatives or yourself, before you visit Amazon, directly, please come to this blog and click on the Amazon banner. If you go to the Amazon site through ours and end up buying something, they put some change in our pocket and don't take any extra from yours.

And if you order this year, I can promise that they won't deliver your products using drones.

This year.

Did I Mention My Column?

If your child is looking over your shoulder, you may wish to shield her/his eyes at this point.

I don't know if you know it, but I write a monthly column in a local lifestyle magazine, Scottsdale Health (http://AllYouNeedForHappiness.com). The subject is sex and is called The Scottsdale Sexpert. I didn't name the column. But if you'd like, please take a look. Also, some of the early columns are collected in one of my books, listed below, Amusing Sex, Funny Sex.

Trivia Questions

People don't realize the importance of trivia. And if they do, would that make them or the idea oxymoronic? Your guess is as good as mine, except when it comes to the following questions, because I already know the answers, which means my guess isn't really a guess. On the other hand, a tree falling in a forest when there's no one there to hear it, DOES make a sound. The answers appear well below this portion of the blog, so you won't be tempted to peek. Alternatively, if you're going to peak, please don't make too much noise.

1. Who was the presidential aspirant for the Democratic who became well-known for wearing brief swimming trunks and referring to Bill Clinton as a "pander bear?"

2. Name the only two brothers who served at the same time in the U.S. Senate.

3. During California Governor Jerry Brown's first two terms in office, who was his Lieutenant Governor?

4. What was the product for which President Carter's brother became well-known?

5. Besides George Washington, who was the first president who had not served as V.P.?

Books in Review

I've recently read a couple of books I want to share with you.

Two of them are from the same author, and one's from an author with whom you may not be familiar. In the latter category is Linwood Barclay and the book, the second one of his that I've read, is called Lone Wolf. Similar to an author whose work we've reviewed here previously, Harlan Coben, Barclay writes with great humor (Good Humor is in another category we don't touch upon here) and he can weave a suspense/mystery/thriller with the best of them.

The book starts with the protagonist learning that his father is missing and may have been eaten by a bear. The authorities ask him to come and identify the possible remains.

The story ends up involving some additional killing, a right-wing nut case group and a good deal of suspense and page-turning.

Barclay's written several books and if the others are anywhere nearly as good as the two I've read (and as you might have guessed, I currently can't recall the name of the other one), you could do a lot worse than picking up one or more of his works.

The same thing is true of the other author who's now become (perhaps) overly well-known. I refer to Lee Child, author of the Jack Reacher series of novels. In the book, Echo Burning, Reacher is hitch-hiking across Texas and is picked up by a woman who doesn't know him, but immediately wants to hire him to kill her husband.

Reacher refuses, but does agree to go to work for a brief time on the ranch belonging to her husband's family, and later thinks that perhaps he should have taken the first job. The husband's in prison for unrelated reasons and the woman's told Reacher that she's been getting beaten by him for several years. Child is a master at weaving plots in and out, and bringing the suspense to a fever pitch.

That's also evident in the other work of his, called Persuader. The title comes initially from a type of pistol, but also refers to how he sees himself. He gets hired, sort of, to help find a government agent who's gone missing and whose work was "unofficial." While in the process, he discovers that the primary party behind a crime ring is a guy that Reacher thought he'd killed a number of years earlier. He wants to complete that act and - as you know if you've read any of the Reacher books - plot twists and action proceed accordingly.

Speaking of Books...

As some of you know, I've written three (plus a pamphlet-sized short). With the exception of the pamphlet which details how to cure acne, and sells for 99 cents, each of the other full-length efforts sells as an e-book for $2.99.

I don't recommend the acne pamphlet as a holiday gift, but each of the others might be a good choice. YOU DON'T NEED A SPECIAL READER to read Kindle-format e-books. You can download a free app to your smartphone or a free Kindle reader to your Mac or PC and you can read Kindle books on either.

As it happens, there are also some public domain books (e.g., Alice in Wonderland) that you can download free after you download that app/program.

The books include The Mobile Millionaire, suitable for the would-be investor on your gift list. It's a guide to investment in mobile homes. Also, Amusing Sex, Funny Sex, which we briefly discussed earlier in this post, is a compilation of the columns on that subject that I write for a local lifestyle magazine, here in Arizona. Finally, there's a mystery novel for the mystery fans in your life: Bobby's Been Shot. In brief, the novel details the attempt to solve a 20-year-old murder that may be connected to the murder of Robert Kennedy. The links appear below. The lynx is a big cat.

Additionally (unfortunately, it won't be ready for this holiday season) is a book on good health connected to weight loss. Naturally, I'll announce here, and everywhere else, when that becomes available. My tentative next project involves a biography of a little-known president.

Acne Cure: http://www.amazon.com/The-Cure-For-Acne-ebook/dp/B007QI4YLK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1335109195&sr=8-1
War on Xmas

I'd prefer, due to the length of this post, to save this until next time, but that may be after the holiday, so we'll cover it now.

Some conservative commentators have talked last year and this one, about the supposed War on Christmas. They say that those advocating political correctness have pushed stores, merchants, and others to wish everyone "Happy Holidays" when they should be saying "Merry Christmas."

If that's a War on Christmas, I want to sign up with the Revolutionaries.

This isn't a Christian nation. Our constitution says that the government cannot favor or discriminate against particular religions. And we weren't founded by Christians, either. The majority of our founders were Deists, not Christians. Although our founding documents refer to a Creator, nowhere do they talk about God or Jesus or Mohammed, etc.

We are a country that firmly established (see the Federalist Papers if you have any doubt) that religion and government should be and are separate from each other.

While no one is suggesting that the government's behind this supposed war (though some will find a way to blame Obama, I suppose), many are suggesting that Christmas should be substituted for all references to "the holidays."

Really? When you tell me Merry Christmas, I appreciate your good wishes, but they also carry a level of presumptuousness. You're assuming that I'm Christian. Whether I am Christian or I'm a member of another faith or of no faith, that's bloody obnoxious. Your religion is none of my business and vice versa. Your pushing your religion on me, as the old saying goes, is like persuading someone of the beauty of music by hitting her over the head with a violin.

To those who say Merry Christmas wishes have nothing to do with religion, my response is that they either don't understand English very well or they have a poor knowledge of Christianity (same with Christmas trees).

So, if in order to win your favor by allowing you to presume you know about my religious beliefs, or the lack of them, I'll do without your favor.

But you can do me a favor. Have a nice holiday. Or don't. It's your choice and as I said, it's none of my business. If you feel differently, it could cause a war.

Trivia Answers

1. Senator Paul Tsongas from Maryland, who has since died.

2. Robert Kennedy of New York and Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts. Though Robert was the older of the two, when he was elected to the Senate, the younger brother had more experience in that body.

3. Republican Mike Curb. Curb was a record producer and created the group, The Mike Curb Congregation, which was several years before he became Lt. Governor, and well before another Hollywood celebrity would become governor of that state.

4. Billy Beer

5. James Madison. Jefferson served under Adams, to the displeasure of both, and Adams was the veep under Washington. Madison, of course - and as you knew - was our 4th president.

Adios Muchachitos

That's it for this edition, thankfully (it's much too long, but there's something for everyone). In the meantime, I'll see you on the radio.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Quickie


This posting will be brief. We'll review some books that I've recently read and have some trivia questions on our next posting.

Our Show

We'll be back on this Wednesday and next. Tomorrow's guest is author Larry Hancock and he'll be talking about his new book relating to American shadow warfare. We'll also discuss his visit to Dallas to observe the 50th anniversary of the killing of our 35th president. You can tune in at http://GoingBeyondRadio.com

The following week, we'll have someone who isn't nearly as well-known, my friend Steve Lyttleton, to discuss civility among those who differ politically. Since we do, you can tune in to see how well that works out.

Other Radio

On our companion site,  we talk about our program, of course, but also other things going on with radio. I'd urge your review of that site. As Yoda would say, "Like it you might." That's http://JeffOnRadio.blogspot.com

Some of the content there, duplicates things you'll see here, but some is different. This week, I've posted a note regarding AM radio and the FCC's intention to improve it. Dropping Limbaugh might be a good start, but I don't think it's what they have in mind.

Outta Here

That's all folks. I'll see you on the radio.

Monday, November 25, 2013

More on Radio, Contact Info, and, A Bit On Books

That Doggone Radio Program....Again

The station and its website (http://www.GoingBeyondRadio.com) are back and we'll be back on-air on the first Wednesday in December (the 4th) with the guest we were supposed to to have on, during our most recently scheduled program, Larry Hancock.

Producer Chuck was unavailable for a couple of weeks, but he's back now and arrangements have been made to make sure the station doesn't go South if he goes on vacation, becomes ill, etc.

When we come back, Larry will join us for the full hour. We could do a show on this coming Wednesday, but since it's the night before Thanksgiving in the U.S. we'd likely only have our listeners who are in other countries. So, it's 12/4.

Also on the following Wednesday, we'll have a long-time friend of mine, Steve Lyttleton, as our guest. Steve and I will talk about civility and our differing political views, though I suspect we'll agree on enough things to surprise both of us.

We'll then be dark again on 12/18 and 12/25. The 18th is because of my book club meeting and the following week is for some holiday or other. On January 1, 2014, I'm planning on doing a show alone - and not just because everyone else will be recovering from a hangover. The plan is to talk about the need for people to start businesses and avoid being "wage slaves."

In connection with that, I'm a major believer in business and capitalism and after some major effort, I'm making a living (sort of) while not being employed by anyone. That said, when the sign in the men's room says that employees have to wash their hands before returning to work, I wash my hands anyway.

Reaching Us

Now there are a couple of ways to contact us. The big question: why would you want to reach us? Actually, I can think of a couple of reasons.If you've read any of my books or listened to the radio program, you might want to tell me what an idiot I am, or you may wish to express an opinion that's different from mine on a given subject. Or maybe you want to suggest a guest. If you know an author that's self-published a book and it's not about religion, you can let me know how to reach her/him. Or, perhaps you know someone who was involved in early television. We'd probably love to talk to that person.

As is true of most of you, there are two ways to make contact: phone and e-mail. As to the latter, the e-mail address is: tjbRadio@gmail.com

You can now call and leave a message, as well. The number is: 206-339-5905. Please keep your message short, and if you'd like to be on the air to express your opinion, please leave a phone number where you can be reached on a Wednesday evening between 9 and 10 PM Eastern time. If you're not reachable then, but still want your call on, leave your name, number, and when you can be reached. We may call and record your conversation (after you give permission) for later broadcast.

Trivia Questions

You didn't think we'd forget trivia did you? The answers are at the end of this posting, so you don't have to cover them with your hand.

1. What office did Richard Nixon run for between his defeat for President in 1960, and his victorious run for the same office in 1968, and who was the opposing candidate?

2. Ronald Reagan won the presidency in 1980, of course, but he sought the GOP nomination in 1976, unsuccessfully, losing to Gerald Ford. Reagan took the unusual step of naming the man who would be his VP candidate if he won the Republican nomination (as a means of assuring some voters that his conservatism wasn't to be feared). Who was that Republican senator who would've been Reagan's running mate?

3. Who was FDR's vice-president following the 1941 inauguration for his third term?


We'll do a mini-review of a couple of books in a moment, but first, let's talk about my books. If you'd like to take a look at the books I've written, go to Amazon, by clicking the banner at the top of this page, and look up my name "Bushman" without quotes.

If you prefer, you can look up any of the individual books, through the links below.

Acne Cure: http://www.amazon.com/The-Cure-For-Acne-ebook/dp/B007QI4YLK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1335109195&sr=8-1


I've recently finished Downsize This by Michael Moore and Lee Child's The Persuader.

Some of Downsize This is dated, which is understandable since it came out over 10 years ago. But a good deal of it is still relevant. A lot of middle-of-the-road commentators tend to be dismissive of Michael Moore as some kind of radical nut job. Conservatives do this too, but a lot of them said the same thing about Mit Romney and John McCain.

Moore is a really intelligent, and very funny man. He sometimes goes a little overboard in some of his ideas and with regard to his antagonism towards corporations, but he's absolutely on target about some of the nonsense our laws allow.

If you can get a copy of the book (and a used copy or a library wouldn't be a bad idea), it's worth reading and has a lot of laughs.

The Persuader is - of course - a Jack Reacher novel. By now, you've heard everyone and his mother complain about the casting of Tom Cruise in the Jack Reacher film that came out earlier in the year. This is one of those rare cases, of course, where everyone and his mother are right.

But the books are great entertainment even if the protagonist, an American former military man occasionally uses a British expression (the author's from the UK). I've never heard one of my countryman refer to a K-Turn the way Child (and Reacher) uses that expression, but Reacher does. I highly suspect the meaning is the same as a U-Turn, but maybe I'm wrong. But the start of this paragraph tells the story.

The Reacher books are compelling and when they're arching towards the climax of the plot, they're page-turners and the covers have glue (you can't put the books down). In this one, Reacher's put into the position of going to work for a gun runner in order to kill a villain he thought he'd killed 10 years earlier. The title has several meanings, but one of them refers to the large pistols that Reacher uses at the beginning of the story's unfolding.

I've never read a Reacher book I wouldn't recommend, and this one's not an exception even though it didn't have enough sex.

Trivia Answers

1. Governor of California and he ran against the father of the current California Governor. That current Governor is called Jerry Brown, but he's really Edmund G. Brown Jr. His father, Edmund Sr. was known as Pat Brown. He beat Tricky Dick, which was not a disease.

2. Pennsylvania's Richard Schweiker, and like most vice-presidential nominees, he was never heard from again.

3. Don't feel bad if you didn't know this. Almost nobody gets it right. It was Henry Wallace. Wallace had been in Roosevelt's cabinet. When FDR decided to run for an unprecedented and unrepeated third term, his then-VP wanted no part of another 4 years in that position. Roosevelt went with Wallace. Henry Wallace was substantially to the left of most Democrats at the time and was replaced in 1944 by Truman. When Truman ran in his own right in 1948, Wallace ran against him as head of the Progressive Party.

Ciao For Now

That's it for this edition. Thanks for joining us and we'll see  you on the radio.

Monday, November 18, 2013

What Happened To That Radio Show?


Today's November 18, 2013. Hardly momentous by most standards, of course, but I'm writing that to place this post within a time frame.

Last Wednesday, we were supposed to go live on our radio program aired on GoingBeyondRadio.com. Instead, when we tried to go on, what happened was nothing. It was really too bad, because our guest, Larry Hancock (who you've heard before if you've been a long-time listener) was all ready.

Larry is an author who's written about the JFK and MLK assassinations along with the secret wars of the CIA and he's a great guest. We and the audience always have a great time. He's very bright and the fact that he's also a really nice human comes through during our conversations.

In any event, when I tried to go the website of Going Beyond Radio, we found that the website couldn't be loaded (and I probably should've been). After a few days of this, and my e-mail not generating a response from our inimitable leader and producer, Chuck Manning, I'd assumed that my recent order of business cards had killed the station, just as sure as a car wash generates a rainstorm.

It appears that the truth is somewhat less melodramatic. I spoke to the station's other principal today, who said that Chuck had to be away and that the server went down, and no one else was around to bring it back up.

Therefore, we should be back up, shortly on Chuck's return.

That said, I was planning on not doing a show this coming Wednesday since it's my once a month Wednesday off, to attend a club meeting and I was also going to be dark (not just from the AZ sun) the following week because it's the night before Thanksgiving.

So, if all goes according to plan, we'll return to air on the first Wednesday in December and Larry Hancock is scheduled to join us then.

The above portion of this post will also appear on our other blog - JeffOnRadio.blogspot.com


This site has "books" in the title, so we should probably talk about them, right?

I should probably refer to my mini-reviews as "used book reviews" since I don't really review newly published books as many reviewers do. I read books that were published earlier, that I'm just getting around to reading.

Before that review section, however, I want to invite you to go to Amazon.com (we have a banner at the top) whenever you're thinking about buying anything that they might possibly have. If you go through our banner, while not costing you anything extra, you'll be supporting this blog because they give us a small percentage of the money you spend there, when you go through our site's banner.

And while you're there, please do a search for Jeff Bushman (who?) and you'll find the books that we have on Amazon's site. Oddly, our books have been doing rather well and if you're one of the people who bought one or more of them, thank you.

Back to other people's books now.

Confessions of an Ex-Secret Service Agent by George Rush is an interesting read in the sense that it talks about the life of the ex-agent inside and outside of the Service, both during and after his time with them.

That said, the time spent on discussing his life outside the Service, comes at the cost of not providing more insight into the work and peculiarities of that organization. I would've liked to have seen more of that and a bit less about him spending his time in discos.

It's still worth a read, but it would've been better - in my opinion - if the concentration were different.


As readers of this blog know (and I'm speaking to both of you), I've become a big fan of Harlan Coben. That "fandom" was re-justified by two books of his that I've just read.

Play Dead, in the edition I bought, contains an author's note, just inside the front cover. In it, he urges readers who've never read any of his other books, to not read this one first. He says it was one of his early ones and he wishes he could re-write it with what he knows now.

His concern is unjustified. The book involves a basketball player and his model-turned-business phenom wife who are crazy about each other. They go on their honeymoon to Australia. She has a business meeting and he leaves her a note about going swimming. She later finds out he's drowned. After that, things get spooky and peculiar. I had part of the mystery figured out pretty early, but I never did get the whole thing, until the author revealed it.

It's a hell of a read and I recommend it.


The only reservation I have about recommending Coben's other recently-read (by me) book is that it's become dated. It's not giving away too much to say that Miracle Cure involves AIDS, but it was written before all of the anti-viral drugs were created to treat the disease.

For those who don't remember that period, AIDS was a death sentence instead of a chronic, mostly-treatable ailment.

So, reading the book will require you to suspend your knowledge of current treatments, but if you can suspend disbelief, suspending knowledge shouldn't be a problem. And if you can't suspend disbelief, you probably shouldn't be reading fiction.

Miracle Cure is very well-written and sports a variety of interesting characters. While it's not a great measure of whether a mystery is good or bad, this one isn't easy to figure out until about the last third of the book and has some interesting twists. You could do a lot worse than spending your time with this one.


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